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CSR of Takachiho Koheki group

Basic policy

We work in an upstanding and honest fashion, holding a sense of responsibility to our various stakeholders and interested parties and endeavoring to manage our firm with transparency and sound management so as to enhance its corporate value.

Our basic policy towards stakeholders

We continue to reflect customer feedback in our products and services and deliver client satisfaction and trust.
We put trust first and build fair and healthy relationships with our partners.
We ensure transparent management while enabling growth of the business and yielding stable returns.
We respect the individual differences and temperaments of members while creating a collegial workplace where everyone can display their true selves and talent.
We continue to fulfill our corporate social responsibility as a reputable firm by providing safety, comfort, and peace of mind.

Corporate Code of Conduct

Mighty Cube’s Five Promises

Mighty Cube believes it is the absolute requirement of going concern that we fulfill the social responsibility, and the company, Mighty Cube and each company staff hold “TO BE SINCERE” as the shared common value, and keep the following 5 promises and conduct oneself.
(in the following promises, directors and company staffs[including contract employee and temporary staff] are referred to as “we”

  • 1Ethical responsibility
    We maintain high moral at our dairy life and conduct oneself in a sensible manner with sincerity.
  • 2Legal responsibility
    We, at any case, do not do and/or direct the act, violating the stature and which causes the doubt.
  • 3Environment responsibility
    We contribute to preserve and improve our environment at which nature and society can co-exist, to preserve the precious earth for our children.
  • 4Quality responsibility
    We contribute the society “Security, Safety and Comfort”, through the continuous development and provision of product and service with the superior quality level to which customers expect.
  • 5Information management
    We build the company wide information management system which protect us from the risk of falsification, breaking and leakage of the information.

Environmental efforts

Mighty Cube is one part of the Takachiho Koheki group of companies. In order to promote environmentally-friendly management of our business, we have built an environmental management system (EMS) that complies with the ISO14001 environmental management system specification, and we continue to improve and shore up this system. We also aim to offer a system that can fully meet the needs of clients with environmentally-safe systems already in place.

Acquisition of ISO14001

Authentication scope
Development, manufacture, and sale of anti-theft and security systems for electronic equipment
Authentication scope (office)
Headquarters (Chuo-ku, Tokyo)
Testing organization
Japan Management Association
Registered on
March 15, 2007 Obtained certification pursuant to Takachiho Koheki Group’s obtaining of ISO14001 certification
Registered number

Enter the Challenge 25 program

Conduct program of Cool biz and Warm biz under the Team minus 6%.
With terminate team minus 6%, Enter the Challenge 25 program

Set up a temperature to 28℃ at Office.
Set up a temperature to 28℃ at Office.

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