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Anti-Theft system (EAS & DMP)

Mighty Cube is the pioneer company of self alarming system in Japan. Using it s expertise and technology, we contribute our customer’s store plan with security, safety and comfort.

In addition to self-sounding systems for EAS, we also offer Display Merchandise protection systems used to protect displayed products from theft. We are here to propose the optimal equipment matched to your store type and needs. Using our proprietary self-alarming tags (SAT) and Display merchandise protetction, you can set and reset locks using a shared device. If your shop already uses EAS and wishes to add DMP to protect displayed products, or the reverse, you can shore up your security while retaining compatibility between devices and adapt to changing issues.

Self Alarming TAG (SAT)

The self-alarming tag has 6 years deign battery life that is the top-class long battery life in our industry by minimizing the power consumption with the leading-edge technology (cf) Battery life depends on the usage environment) Shoplifter will be accurately identified with the greatest feature of the alarm sound of self alarming tag as well as the alarm sound of security antenna.

The concept of S-Cube behind the development of the self-alarming tags is "3 Alarms" & "3 Types" & "3 Frequency“ In order for customer not only in Japan but also around the world to be able to use our products, we have developed self-alarming tags with high levels of security that are compatible with our own proprietary 22kHz, as well as the AM and RF global standards.

Attachment type tag
Wire type tag
Pin type tag

Self Alarming System (EAS)

A high performance ANTIVOL EAS created in Japan especially for sef-alarming tag.
The maximum detection width for the antenna is 3m, enabling use with wider entrances than possible with conventional EAS sysmtem’s. Because ceiling and floor type antennas can also be used, they won’t interfere with the store’s décor.

Our Detection performance.Competitor’s  Detection performance.

Pedestal type
Overhead type
Floor type

Display Merchandise Protection

DMP (Displayed Merchandise protection) is attractive for its low cost and simple operation and can protect the displayed merchandise.
Open merchandising of expensive items as PC, Mobile phone, Digital Camera and jewelry etc. makes customers feel usability and texture of displayed merchandise and causes the buyer’s willingness to buy.

When sensor is removed or wire is cut, alarm sound occurs and alarm light turn on.
One Display Master support ten sensors. Varies sensor cable line-up which protect all the expensive items like digital electric appliances.

Miniature sensor cord
Anti-tamper Switch Sensor cord
Label Sensor cord
USB Sensor cord

Case Study

Large scale retail store

As part of its EAS operations, Company L was struggling to find a way to eliminate system malfunctions and incorporate equipment that would not interfere with clients’ movement flows. As part of opening a new shop, the company considered adopting various security systems making use of AM, RF, et cetera, but it rated highly our advantages over competitors and chose to adopt the SA broad gate system.

Focus points

Compared to existing EAS systems, Our system cancovers a wider area with fewer units. Fewer physical pieces means the cost of installation and maintenance goes down.
Making use of a 3m (in one direction) detection range means you do not have to install a gate in a central location and can still achieve security.
While a gate in the EV area would traditionally require four units, our 22kHz system achieves the same with a single gate.
  • Open and spacious entrance
    This system allows for creating a spacious entrance gate with the equivalent of 6 meters on both sides, something not found elsewhere.
  • Alarms of Self-alarmingtag
    Self-alarming tags trigger alarms that allow you to identify unauthorized users.
  • Reduce infrastructural investment costs
    Our system allows for installing fewer pieces of equipment than competing brands, and it cut down on initial infrastructural investment.

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