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What is the EAS system ?
Electronic Article surveillance was introduced into Japan in 1970. At first, Media shops dealing with CD or rental video, GMS(General Merchandise store) and apparel shops paid great attention to adopt the EAS system. And then, EAS spread amount electronics appliance retail store, home center, drug store and book store. These years, it was becoming widely used in all kinds of retail category, super market, convenience store and department store.

Self Alarming System (EAS)

A wide lineup of products lets you get the best security for your retail shops. Our Self alarming system is highly reliable EAS for self-alarming tags with an extremely low rate of false alarms. Self-alarming tags support EAS equipment on the 22kHz, 8.2MHz, and 58kHz frequencies. A proprietary low energy consumption design ensures the top level of battery life worldwide.

Display Merchandise Protection System (DMP)

Display Merchandise Protection is attractive for this low cost and simple operation and can protect the displayed merchandise. Open Merchandising of expensive items as PC Mobile phone , Digital camera and Jewelry etc, makes customers feel usability and texture of displayed merchandise and causes the buyer’s willingness to buy.

CCTV Systems

Use for anti-theft, anti-disaster, measurement, and logging. Security camera system can be used for a wide range of purposes. It is increasingly being used today in shops, offices, schools, and homes. From analog to IP cameras and even hybrid systems, we are here to present you with the latest equipment featuring cutting-edge technologies.

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