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Use laundry tags to obtain inventory status in a quick and accurate fashion!

Management of rental uniforms requires tracking a vast amount of incoming shipments each day, making barcode-based import extremely tedious. Using UFH-based RFID lets you batch-read tags, and you can even automate the process by using an RFID gate, drastically cutting down on labor. This also allows for tracking the flow of products, optimizing use of assets like rental uniforms (reducing excess inventory).

  • Issue of industry  for management of lending uniform Issue of industry  for management of lending uniform
  • Solution by RFID technology Solution by RFID technology

Benefits to deployment

  • 1
    High-durability and washable linen tags can be used to track individual uniform items.
  • 2
    Track type of uniform, shipment and entry, frequency of use, and other parameters, improving services to clients.
  • 3
    Use of security gates triggers alerts to detect unintended removal of items from premises.

Case study

Kandu Japan

An issue faced was being unable to accurately assess inventory of costumes at activity area. so deployment of RFID allowed for more efficient management and better fidelity

Change due to introduction

EfficiencyRFID tags allow for importing entries in bulk.

QualityCut down on inventory time while achieving high fidelity.

ConfirmCheck whether items have been unintentionally taken off premises.

Operation image

The strength of Mighty Cube

  • 1Laundry tag made
    by Mighty Cube.
    • ・Thinnest point is just 0.2mm thick!
    • ・Robust against pressure and bending!
    • ・Small size will fit in folds of clothing!
  • 2Mightyutility software
    • ・Presented free of charge to customers buying the AT880-RF - Use immediately -- no app development required
    • ・no app development required
    • ・Can be customized to achieve economical app development
  • 3Wave Gate
    (Detection logic software)
    • ・Only responds to RFID tags clearing gate!
    • ・Manage individual products to determine what passed through!
    • ・Can be linked with cameras and other external peripherals!

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