Middleware Nice Middle Embedded version / PC Version


  • ■Even if you lack knowledge of the Air protocol or LLRP, all you need to do is read the 10-page Japanese manual to learn about our middleware, developed to allow you to create the RFID systems you need.
  • ■We lineup embedded in Impinj’s Speedway, or as a desktop computer version.
  • ■It can control LED alarm lights connected to GPIO boards, etc.
  • ■Computer version lets you control multiple readers/writers.
  • ■Embedded version does not require a control computer and works with standalone Speedway reader.
  • ■This solution is ideal for users seeking to develop a workflow system in a short time
  • PC版同梱サンプルアプリケーション画面 一通りの機能を確認し、ソースコード、(C#)を参考にアプリケーションを開発できます
  • ■PC Version
  • ■Embedded version

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