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Traditional EAS expanded RFID security gate systems

Gate solutions making use of contactless tags (UHF-band RFID) detect the tags and allow for management of individual products -- in other words, letting you determine which items cleared the gate. The Wave Gate features a size and design that allows it to smoothly blend into your existing store design. Our proprietary movement detection technology prevents false alarms.

  • RFID Gate solution achieves a customer-friendly store entrance.
  • RFID tags allow for utilizing product data.

Benefit of developments

  • 1
    Large entrance allows for smooth administration of products at gate without congestion.
  • 2
    Our patented movement detection logic detects products that pass through the gate and triggers an alert. It will not respond to items simply near the gate vicinity.
  • 3
    Integration with POS (point of system) tools and higher-ordered databases can let you sound the alarm only for products that are unpaid for.

Case Study

Apparel shop

As part of launching a new brand, we had to secure an efficient means of managing inventory and achieving security at the same time. The process began by adding contactless uniform tags to 6,000 items in a distribution warehouse.

Change due to introduction

  • Anti-theft gate
    RFID tags can be used as anti-theft tags in order to ensure that items are not taken. This also eliminates the need to remove anti-theft tags at register, cutting down on wait time for customers.
  • Visualize where item are placed
    Cut down the time spent on inventory for 6,000 items in shop -- allows just 2-3 people to do the process in 1-2 hours. Using RFID tags to search for items successfully cut down work time to 1/10th of manual processes.
  • Shipment/intake (logistics warehouse)
    Allows for installing fewer pieces of equipment than competing brands, and it cut down on initial infrastructural investment.
  • Shipment registry (at shop)
    Using contactless tags when registering incoming items cut down on 74% of processes. The biggest contribution is not in scanning time itself, but in having to resort items after scanning them, a process that can be abbreviated.

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