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About RFID
RFID(Radio Frequency Identification)is a mechanism for the automatic recognition of the information of individual merchandise by using tags (IC tags) containing microscopic IC chips that carry a product's info, and a reader writer (a device that can read and write a tag's information).
Its advantages are in the fact that information on tags can be rewritten or appended, and that multiple tags can be read at the same time, from a distance, and without making direct contact with a device.
The scope of its use is increasing as it replaces bar codes for product identification and recognition technology in production, distribution, circulation and delivery to the end user, and at Mighty Cube we offer a wide variety of solutions using that same RFID technology.


We offer a lineup of the products carefully selected from the best around the world to provide maximum performance.


The software product created by our engineering group to make using RFID easy for our customers. We create software that reduces burden of customers who are interested in using RFID.

System Package

We provide product packages that use RFID to resolve the operations issues of our customers.

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