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Asset management package: imoni Asset allows you to accurately check your current assets, more efficiently carry out inventory, and obtain a secure setup.

Assets may include jigs, supplies, and documents. You may have assets used in-house, or you may have assets that return to you as part of a product or distributed good. Have you ever found that these assets are mismanaged, or you don’t know where they are housed or loaned out to? Affixing RFID tags to these assets will let you intuitively know “who” borrowed “what” and “until when.” This makes the time-consuming process of inventory management speedier, safer, and more accurate through use of the dedicated AT880-RF scanner. When crucial assets are taken off-premises without authorization, they pass through a security gate and trigger an alert, which allows for appropriate management of lending and returns.

  • BeforeWorking time about two hour
  • AfterWorking time will reduce to one third

Benefits to deployment

  • 1
    Simply tap RFID tag to quickly process items as “checked out” or “returned” in bulk.
  • 2
    - There is no need to check each item one at a time, letting you bulk process inventory.
  • 3
    Quickly search for the location of assets.
  • 4
    Implement at low cost.

Case Study

Case1Daido Steel Co., Ltd and Star Info Tech Co.,Ltd.

In order to improve inefficiencies associated with management by hand of metal parts and spare parts, we deployed RFID technology to automated our system and achieve greater efficiency, leading to cost reductions.

Change due to introduction

  • Automated good entry and shipment
    We used to manage incoming inventory and spare parts by hand, but now we can register inventory automatically, even while pushing a handcart. This allows for greater fidelity of management.
  • Reduced inventory time
    It used to take thirty-four members three times a year (spending 400 hours) to do inventory -- now that process has been curtailed to one tenth the time.
  • Improve inventory fidelity
    Managing spare part inventory by hand was tedious and caused many mistakes. By affixing tags to items as they arrive, we don’t forget to register them, improving the fidelity of our inventory.
  • Safety
    Managing metal parts inventory by number when working in high places was dangerous, but now we can use RFID tags to administer spare parts without having to climb up to check them.

Case2Automobile manufacturer

An automobile manufacturer faced an issue involving management of computers, a major asset, being taken off-premises. They implemented a system to manage these assets and track their inventory. An RFID-based anti-theft gate was installed to ensure security.

Change due to introduction

  • Add RFID capability to security gates
    Using RFID did away with the tedium of loan and return logs, and it eliminated issues with items failing to be recorded. Gate alerts did away with accidental removal of items off-premises, protecting precious assets.
  • Search
    When items are not where they would be expected to be, the handheld device can now be used to search for them.
  • Improve inventory fidelity
    We reduced inventory time to one tenth of what it once was.

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