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Mighty Cube Co.,Ltd.. ("the company") recognizes importance of protecting its customers' personal information and carry out the appropriate handling and management to offer safety and reliability to customers.

1.Purpose of use of the personal information
The company may use the personal information of the customers to offer product, service, new product information and seminar invitation.
2.The acquisition of personal information
In the case of acquiring customers' personal information, the company makes legitimate and fair means and purpose clear and acquire minimum personal information.
3.Provision of Personal information to a third party
The company shall not provide any personal information to a third party unless the company obtains individual's consent or specified in the laws and ordinances.
4. Management of the personal information
The company establishes appropriate security measure and handle customers' personal information under strict management to prevent improper access, alteration, destruction and leakage.
5.Inquiry of the personal information
  • Ⅰ.Please contact our sales representatives.
  • Ⅱ.When customer requests confirmation, change, correction, deletion of the customer's personal information, the company processes it immediately after customer's identity verification.
  • Ⅰ.The website applies Japanese Lows and Ordinances.
  • Ⅱ.Please understand the company denies any liability regarding safety of personal information in other websites linked to this website.

Establish 1th January 2017

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