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With the access control software i-moni gate, you can achieve hands-free entry and exit.

Have you struggled to easily deploy an entry/exit system that lets you administrate “who” was “where” and “until when?” Using UFH-band RFID tags lets you track this in a hands-free fashion. Affixing RFID tags to hats, helmets, cuffs, and other parts of uniforms allows for achieving a hands-free reader system. The security system can include restrictions on room entry and collection of entry/exit logs. We provide economical systems that achieve both convenience and security in one package.

  • BeforeStandard IC cards. Require authentication using IC card when entering/exiting
  • AfterOur RFID’s ID tag. Allow for hands-free entry/exit authentication

Benefits to deployment

  • 1
    Simply having a tag allows for individual authentication without needing to use a reader, as well as opening and unlocking doors and electronic keys
  • 2
    Smooth entry into a facility can be achieved even with both hands full.
  • 3
    Enable real-time identification of number of people and specific individuals within a facility
  • 4
    Use log data to maintain records of attendance

Case Study

Case for Food processing plant

For entry-restricted areas at a food processing plant, smooth conveyance of products and strict compliance with sanitation standards is required. Using RFID for hands-free entry/exit allows for smoothly dealing with these issues and improving operations.

Operation image

  • Safety
    Implementing entry/exit logging allows for locking out rooms to unauthorized personnel. Set room restrictions per room or area, such as on inventory rooms. This allows you to prevent malicious contamination of food, etc
  • Sanitation
    Since entry and exit are contactless, areas requiring sanitation can be strictly maintained.
  • Attendance management
    In order to automatically track entry/exit, you can utilize log data and manage tardiness and attendance, as well as employ security in restricted areas.

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